Friends and Purpose: Evaluation of Camerados Public Living Rooms

Published: March 2020

Camerados is a movement of people in communities across the country helping each other through tough times and coming together in places and spaces called public living rooms (in this report referred to as PLRs) created and run by local people where they can form relationships that will lift them through a bad day or a life crisis. They are used by people at any end of the scale of tough times, from stressed students to bereaved relatives to homeless people. This evaluation has taken a mixed-methods approach, gathering quantitative and qualitative data to build a rich narrative on how, and why, the PLRs are making a difference to the people who are using them, and in the organisations and communities in which they are held.

Authors: Elaine Batty, Nadia Bashir, Ellen Bennett, Sarah Pearson & Elizabeth Sanderson
Organisation: Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

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